Writing for NaNoWriMo!

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  1. Well done! I’m up to 16,000 words but struggling just a tad. Anyway, many, many thanks for your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs.

  2. cagedunn says:

    I’m in it for the same reason – 50% off Scrivener! Oh, and just to see if I can do a story from go to whoa in 28 days … we’ll see.

    • It’s been a blast so far! How are you doing on it? Are you on track to finish 50k?

      • cagedunn says:

        On track to publish (maybe even this week). I’m aiming for 60-70k novel, fantasy allegory (didn’t start that way) and it’s been fun. But the initiating push was to get scrivener at 50% off (being the starving artist and all, you know).

        • Scrivener was definitely a motive for me… Lol… The thing that’s overloading me with it all this month, however, is I’m also trying to finish off all the final details for a proof copy for the first book in my series (April 2018). Working on the artwork right now with an artist. It’s fun, but a lot of work!
          So, trying to start one book and finish the publishing of another all at the same time… 🙂

          • cagedunn says:

            Same horse, different cart. But it’s worth the effort in both areas – and I see you’ve won the NaNo! So congrats are in order, because I know it takes not only dedication but a defined and structured understanding of the story, the work required is immense and unpredictable, and requires a strong and enduring passion to get to ‘the end’ – once again, congrats!

          • Thanks!!! It’s been so much fun, but exhausting!!

    • Did you get your discount? I picked up my half-price copy of Scrivener yesterday and I’m already loving it! It’s pretty great! I was using yWriter up till now. I like it a lot, but Scrivener definitely has some extra perks to it!

      • cagedunn says:

        Yes, got the code yesterday, downloaded it, started up with the first 25% of the new WIP – it does save me a lot of time and effort with hardcopies of notes (or having multiple open documents, which creates instability in the sw).
        I think it will greatly assist the productivity and reduce the stress levels (hmmm, is that asking too much?).

        • It’s pretty great! I just moved my nanowrimo book from last month over to it this morning.

          • cagedunn says:

            It was the NaNo novel I used as the ‘learning’ process for the trial version – after I’d done a scene list, and always having a backup copy in the ‘other’ sw as well. Won’t need to do that anymore. I just wanted to see what it was everyone raved about (because they all had different elements they considered ‘best’ and not all the same! Confused me, until I did it.). I’m a convert now (and I don’t even use the corkboards!).

  3. Woohoo! The Rough Draft of Book III in my series is now finished! I have some serious editing ahead of me, but the book is down on paper! Well, digital paper…

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