Three Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Writing

Three Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Writing

Writing is often so much fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Anyone who writes knows there are times when it is easy to write and times when it is hard.

When it is easy, it is nothing but a joy. Personally, I find writing relaxes me. It allows me to settle my brain down a little bit (sometimes my brain gets a little too jumbled) and I can focus on getting thoughts down on paper… or at least onto my laptop. In just a little bit, I plan on launching into NaNoWriMo–something I’m very excited about. This is both a challenge for me as well as an opportunity to relax and refuel myself. Check out my progress here on this journey as I move through the National Novel Writing Month.

When writing is difficult, we often need to push through, but I think sometimes when we find it hard to write, we should ask certain questions of ourselves. Here are a few:


1. Does writing feed into you or take from you?

If you as a writer find that every time you sit down to write it leaves you exhausted, angry, depressed or feeling like you want to hide in a dark place somewhere, you might be involved in something you shouldn’t be involved in. Perhaps you’re writing something you shouldn’t write. Are you dealing with topics that ruin you? Are you empty of ideas and need a break to refuel?

On the other hand, you may find that writing feeds into you. This is what I hope it does for you.
For myself, I have been writing and telling stories for about twenty-five years. I love doing this, but only since my health problems of this past year have I found that writing is something which feeds into my heart. I feel encouraged and excited when I write. I look forward to it, enjoy it and want to do more. Because of that, writing is not a chore. It leaves me excited!

If it feeds into you, go at it! If not… either make some adjustments or take a break for a bit. Writing is not meant to ruin you.


2. Are you carving out time for writing?

This is not rocket science. What I’m sharing with you is not overly insightful. It’s just the way it is.

If you want to write, you need to actually write. Find a good place where you enjoy writing and sit down and do it! Do you type on a laptop or write by hand? If you write by hand, find a place where you’re comfortable, have lots of space, can sit up straight and get at it! If you type, find a place that fits with your laptop, desktop computer or… typewriter if you use one.

Sit down and get at it!

Um, you don’t use a typewriter, do you?


3. Are you writing about something you love?

I love to write about a few different things.

I love to write fiction. I love to write humor and silly stuff. I also love to create deep, interesting stories. I love writing fiction.

I also love to write about my faith. I’m in the process of working through an idea for a book about God’s care for us which will hopefully see the light of day in the coming years. It’s too early to know what to expect, but I love to write about what I love!

If you’re not writing about something you love… perhaps you need to revisit what you’re doing. No wonder you’re having trouble getting it done!


There you have it! Three questions we need to ask ourselves about our writing. What others questions do we need to ask ourselves when we find it hard to write?  Comment below with your thoughts…



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