Three Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Writing

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  1. I must admit…when I wrote my first book, it was on a typewriter…and not an electric. My second book was on an electric and I went through lots of correction tape! I love the way you broke down the reasons you write. Even though I write Women’s Christian Fiction, I deal with some hard issues and work through them. It is a time of worship and understanding of God’s grace and mercy toward us. I want people to know that with God ALL things are possible, and there IS hope. I have lived it in my own life. Without the ability, through writing, to express that hope and mercy, I feel as though I would shrivel up and die.

    • Thanks, Deborah. James Stuart Bell wrote, “To engage in creativity is to imitate our creative Father. In so doing, we emulate one of his key characteristics and thus offer a vital form of worship.”
      Worship flows from a heart that loves its creator! Thanks for your comment. I have not written any Christian fiction, although perhaps one day. There is ALWAYS hope in God!

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