Self-Publishing on a Budget

Self-Publishing on a Budget

This blog is for the self-publisher on a budget.

Maybe you’re like me. You’re about to publish and you’re trying to figure out the whole process. When I started into this process, I found it not only wonderful and exciting, but also confusing and irritating. I found there was a huge amount of information at my fingertips, but it was difficult to know what was helpful and which direction to go. Some of the times, the information I was collecting used words I didn’t understand (the publishing lingo). On top of this, the majority of sites I found didn’t really say an awful lot or answer any of the questions I wanted answered.

The other problem I ran into was that much of the information was written by companies which were telling me how to use their product. That, of course, is fine, but how do I know if their product is actually what I need?

This is a spot to learn about self-publishing on a budget! Throughout the blog you’ll see topics on how to get your book together, how to publish, how to navigate things like CreateSpace and Ingram, what self-publishing services are out there and even things like whether or not to use a Pseudonym! I can’t make the decisions for you on these things, but I can show you some of the options available to you and why I am choosing one option over another.

This is also about keeping your cost low. My goal (I’m still in process) is to self-publish my first book for under $400. At the time of writing this, I’ve spent a total of $5.99…

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be adding blog posts to help you as I continue through this process (topics on Writing, Editing, Publishing, Book Launch, Costs, etc)! Keep an eye out for future posts!


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