November Book Update

November Book Update

This past month I have been pretty silent on the blogging front. I’ve been focusing in on NaNoWriMo as I’ve written the rough draft of the third book in my series (rough draft finished!) and cleaning up the first book in my series for publishing in April.

I’m planning on posting a series soon on Alpha and Beta Readers, but while that is still coming, I wanted to give an update on my book situation!

Here’s where things are at!



Book One (subtitled: The Key Quest) is now completely edited

I found when I went through the book this last time, I wanted to rewrite it completely. I suspect that if I did rewrite it, I would want to rewrite it again after that. I have had to settle in with the manuscript as it is. It could always be adjusted or tweaked a little more, but the challenge is knowing when to move forward with it.

Despite my desire to tweak it a bit more, I am confident it is ready for publishing.

Thanks to all my Alpha and Beta Readers and editors. You have been such a huge help!


Book One is now set up

I have managed to get the book all set up for printing. I will be blogging soon on how to set up your book for print (that blog is mostly written, just needs to be cleanup up a bit). I ended up using MS Word to do it as Pressbooks, which I had planned on using, wasn’t as easy to use for the print file. Typically, the interior needs to be put together in a PDF file. MS Word works well for putting this together.

I have also put together my cover. This is really fun as it looks so cool (to me) with it all together with the spine and the back and the bar code and more. Since I do not have a bunch of “reviews” to put on the back from famous people, I just made up some reviews. I know, that sounds horrible, but it’s not what you think. They are just jokes, actually. It’s obvious they are made up and they fit with the flow of the book (since it’s pretty silly). For instance, one of the reviews is a made up one from my mom. Another one is a review from my roller blades. Yes, you read that right.

The cover needs to be in a PDF file (300 dpi) for print and a jpeg file for ebook. I’m pretty happy with how it all looks.

I’m missing some interior art as I’m waiting on those files. Once I have them, I can print a proof copy! I’m nearly there!


Book Three is typed up

This book is just a rough draft right now so it’s likely absolutely horrible. My goal was to get it written this month. Hopefully, while I’m waiting for book one’s proof copy to be printed, I’ll be able to do my first quick run through it before I hand it off to some of my Alpha Readers. At this point, Book Three is my favorite of the three books, although that’s before I’ve read through the rough draft. It may be absolutely terrible. 🙂


So, there you have it. A quick update on the book situation!

My plan is to have some book launch teams starting up either late January or early February, although I’m cutting things close to be able to get things going on that! Hopefully the last little bit of setup will come together ASAP and I’ll be ready to print!


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