January Book Update

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  1. jlambright says:

    Wow, you have some good info on this site. I’ll be a frequent flyer here.

  2. Shana Gorian says:

    I’ve found that I don’t like to do cover reveals after all – until the actual book is ready! The reason being that you end up with so many shares and excitement over the cover initially on social media etc, which, b/c it’s not published yet has no link to actually purchase it, but when you finally launch the book, all those people who commented on, liked, shared your post (on whatever/all social media sites) don’t want to necessarily do it again (or at least 90% of them), and thereby, you’ve missed your chance to have had that post sent around/shared to so many more people. In other words, it sets you up for missed opportunities when it’s time to actually sell your book. At least that’s been my experience, although I’m sure it’s not been everyone’s. So think carefully before doing one. I’m beginning to think they’re better for the big publishers, but not for us indies who have to rely on individuals to help us with our marketing. The other thought, is maybe you could do it in a limited fashion, whereby you only reveal it to your newsletter list for example, b/c most subscribers don’t share what they read in a newsletter anyway, and are glad to see it multiple times before it’s launched. They’d be the ones to build the excitement with.
    BTW I love your creative strategy above regarding your launch teams! All the best with it!

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Shana! That’s some great insight into the cover reveal process. I hadn’t considered any of that. Thanks so much. I have some other artwork I might start releasing instead and save the cover reveal for later on.
      I appreciate your comment so much!

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